Other Area Cemeteries

We are pleased to be able to bring to you a listing of other area cemeteries around Cody, Wyoming. We thank Bettie Marie Daniels and each respective cemetery administrator for contributing to this area of our website.

The burial information for each of these cemeteries will open in a new window and will be in PDF format for easy printing.

Bennett Buttes Cemetery (view burial information)

The Bennett Buttes Cemetery had it’s beginnings with the arrival of Clark’s first homesteader residents. It’s first burial is believed to be Miranda Weathermon in 1909, although two earlier burials in the area were later moved here. In 1910, the Cody Enterprise suggested the Clark residents “fence the graveyard so cows don’t trample over the graves." This was accomplished with donated posts and local labor. In 1913, fourteen residents formed the Bennett Buttes Cemetery Association, and on May 3, 1915 the former government land was deeded over to them to be used as a cemetery. In 1985, Clark residents circulated a petition to create a cemetery district, and in May 1985 the Bennett Buttes Cemetery District was approved. Tax money soon was available to transform the long neglected cemetery. A well was drilled, sagebrush removed, and grass and trees planted. In 1990 the chain link fence was installed. Today Clark residents take pride in their beautiful cemetery.

Bull Creek Cemetery (view burial information)

The beautiful iron gate was created by Paul Purvis, while his mother, Frances Purvis, dedicated many hours and money to upgrade the stones in the 1970s. Frances’ father, Martin Luther Jones got the cemetery started in 1912 when his son Chester died. The land was owned by James S. Ewalt who had a tragic loss earlier when a car rolled on a bridge and he lost his wife and daughter. He deeded the land to the Bull Creek Cemetery Association in 1922. No taxes support the cemetery so it is the responsibility of the families. The views are spectacular.

Valley Cemetery (view burial information)

Surveyed by Howard F. Bell in July 1915, Valley Cemetery sets on a Forest Service lease. There are grave sights in Valley Cemetery that appear to have graves but no marker. An old trapper was the first and he is unknown and before the survey and fence. More information can be obtained on some of these people at the Park County Archives in the library. Mickey Wight’s Epitaph – “A hillside overlooking a green valley – overlooking a broad still river flowing serenely where there is silence and loneliness. And where one’s soul can be all of a peace – is this too much to ask. I want the green and scarlet and bronze of Indian Summer and the peace and happiness of fulfilled things which having outlived their time are content to die – no Streets, God no streets.”

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