96 - Vandalism


Policy 96

Every citizen of the district and members of the police department are urged by the Board to cooperate in reporting any incidents of vandalism to property belonging to the district and the name of the person or persons believed to be responsible. Every employee of the district shall report every incident of vandalism known to him or her, and, if known, the names of those responsible.

Because incidents of willful or malicious abuse, destruction, defacing, and theft of the property of the district are clearly contrary to the best interests of the district and injurious to the rights and welfare of the entire community, the Board will seek to use all legal means of redress against persons found to have committed acts of vandalism.

Full restitution for the damage caused will be sought from vandals, or in the case of minors, from their parents.

The Board Chairman is authorized to sign a criminal complaint and to press charges against persons who vandalize cemetery property.

Adopted: 11/9/2004


Tuesday, 09 November 2004 Posted in Safety and Security