94 - Hazardous Materials


Policy 94

The Board of Trustees recognizes its responsibility for providing an environment which is reasonably secure from known hazards. There are many areas of the cemetery’s operation which use a variety of materials that are hazardous.

Hazardous materials include any substance or mixture of substances that poses a fire, explosive, reactive, or health hazard as more fully defined by law.

The Board, through the Superintendent, has drafted and adopted a written hazard communication program which addresses matters relating to the purchase, storage, handling, transportation, and disposal of hazardous materials.

The goals of the procedures will be to set into place an on-going process by which a program of identifying and managing potentially hazardous materials. District personnel will be encouraged to make less dangerous substitutions for hazardous substances to the extent possible and to minimize the quantities of such substances stored on cemetery property

It is not the intent of the Board to expand or modify the district's potential liability exposure through the adoption of this policy. The district's voluntary compliance with any statute or regulation to which it is not otherwise subject will not be construed to create or assume any potential liability under any local, state, or federal law or regulation.

Adopted: 11/9/2004


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Tuesday, 09 November 2004 Posted in Safety and Security