91 - Computer Security


Policy 91

Access to computer data, stored within all computer systems, may need to be carefully monitored for security purposes.

Disposal of reports and/or other information after it is no longer being used or when the information has been removed to a back-up system shall be done with the consent and knowledge and in accordance with any procedure established by the supervisor responsible for the district utilizing the information.

The Board or designee shall have responsibility for determining who will access to information stored on the computers personally utilized by employees.

To the extent passwords are issued to individual users, such passwords are not to be recorded in any location accessible to any other employee other than the Office Manager and a designee of the Board.

No individual user shall be permitted to utilize the computer for any illegal, inappropriate, or offensive purpose. Any employee who becomes aware that this policy is being violated shall immediately notify his/her supervisor of the violation.

Information should be carefully secured in order to avoid divulging confidential information except as may be appropriate an on a need-to-know basis Accessing data for which there is no need to know is forbidden. Disclosure of information should not occur either by intent or inadvertence except as is necessary to carry out the employees assigned duties.

Computer-generated reports or displays are not to be released outside of the District except as provided for in District policies, regulations or procedures or by approval of the Board and/or their designee.

All computers utilized within the district shall be utilized solely for cemetery purposes unless specific consent if otherwise given by the Board. No employee working within the district’s computer system(s) shall have any expectation of privacy regarding the information stored on the computer utilized by the employee on district property. Employees must consent to allowing Board to access the information stored on the employee’s computer and/or any other backup system.

Adopted: 11/9/2004


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