63 - Insurances


Policy 63


The District at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, may participate in a health insurance plan for its employees and their dependents. Information regarding any plan provided shall be made available to an employee by the Office Manager, although it is the employees’ responsibility to remain knowledgeable about the plan and complete the necessary paperwork for participation. New employees who qualify for the cemetery’s health insurance benefit, if available, must enroll within the first thirty (30) days after employment.


Wyoming employers must insure with the state’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fund for those occupations and circumstances covered by Worker’s Compensation. The Workers’ Salary and Compensation Division of the Department of Employment sets the appropriate premium on the basis of the occupation and the employer’s record of employee injuries. Worker’s Compensation applies to certain circumstances and occupations as defined by the Worker’s Safety and Compensation Division (The Workers’ Safety and Compensation Division, Cody, Wyoming field office is located at 1026 Blackburn, Suite 4, 527-5609 ).

In the event an employee receives an injury associated with a specific workplace event incident, the employee shall report the matter immediately to the Sexton, but in no case later than 72 hours after its nature becomes apparent. All work or work-related injuries must be reported and filed in compliance with guidelines established under Wyoming Workmen's Compensation laws.


Riverside Cemetery District is covered by the Wyoming Employment Security Law which may provide an employee laid off by the cemetery with unemployment insurance benefits.

Legal Reference: WS-27-3-101 et seq

Adopted: 11/9/2004


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