125 - Summary of Duties - Office Manager


Policy 125


Description: The administrative Office Manager maintains the Riverside Cemetery Office on the cemetery grounds and reports directly to the Board of Trustees. The Office Manager maintains the cemetery records, shows and processes the sale of cemetery lots to the public, keeps current accounting records, transfers historic cemetery data onto computer devices for ready access including online web services, uses of computer programs to enter data into accounts receivable, accounts payable, board meeting minutes, correspondence, forms, burial records and website information.

Performance Responsibilities:.

  • Will be able to operate a computer using the operating system and software to produce documents relevant to business conducted by the Riverside Cemetery District.
  • Will apply accepted accounting principles and standards.
  • Will effectively communicate with the public in the discussion, showing, and sale of cemetery lots.
  • Will accurately locate cemetery lots for inquiring publiic.
  • Will establish and maintain an effective electronic and hard copy filing system of cemetery documents.
  • Will coordinate with the funeral director to establish times and locations of burials.
  • Will prepare payroll, corresponding payroll tax forms and other government forms due quarterly.
  • Will prepare monies for deposit, make phone transfers, and maintain Petty Cash fund.
  • Perform janitorial work concerning maintenance of the office. . Will accurately prepare deposits and make online transfers.
  • Will prepare and maintain budgets and corresponding state forms.
  • Will communicate with banking officers and personnel regarding maintenance of accounts, CDs and online banking.
  • Must have a general knowledge of insurance and be able to coordinate with cemetery and employee coverage.
  • Will accurately maintain burial list for the on site directory. . Will coordinate with cemetery board on replacement and/or repair of the office equipment.
  • Will record, backup and safely store all electronically generated information to include but not limited to burial records, minutes of board meetings, policy and employee manuals and financial records.
  • Will develop, maintain and update the district’s online website to include but not limited to the board’s policy manual, annual budget, meeting minutes, agendas, obituaries and pictures related to Riverside proper and Riverside-Graham annex.
  • Perform other duties related to the position of Office Manager as assigned by the Board of Trustees.
  • Will maintain an accurate record of vacation time, personal days, and sick leave per fulltime employee and make quarterly reports in April, July, October, and January to the Board.
  • Will attend all regular monthly and special meetings of the Board keeping minutes of such meetings.

Benefits and Conditions:

Wyoming State Retirement System – 11.25% per month
Wyoming State Workers’ Compensation
Health Insurance participation by Riverside Cemetery District:


6 days 1st yr. (accumulated @ 4 hrs. per month)
Yrs. 2 thru 5 – 10 days
Yrs. 6 thru 10 – 15 days
After 10 yrs. – 18 days

Paid Holidays:

New Years Day – Jan 1st
President’s Day – 3rd Mon. Feb.
Memorial Day – Last Mon. May
Independence Day – July 4th
Labor Day – 1st Mon. Sept.
Columbus Day – 2nd Mon. Oct.
Veteran’s Day – Nov. 11th
Thanksgiving – 4th Thurs. Nov.
Day After Thanksgiving – 4th Fri. Nov.
Christmas Eve – Dec. 24th
Christmas Day – Dec. 25th

Sick Leave: 1 day sick leave per month for a maximum accumulation of 60 days

Personal: 2 personal days per year, not to be accumulated

Pay: Salaried


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