123 - Summary of Duties - Sexton


Policy 123


Description: Responsible for the day to day operation of the cemetery grounds, maintains both shop buildings, maintains all equipment and vehicles. The Sexton reports directly to the Riverside Cemetery District Board of Trustees.

In this capacity, the Sexton directs the preparation of burial site openings and closings, maintains the cemetery grounds and the condition of equipment and structures, (i.e. trucks, tractors, mowers, buildings, watering systems, etc.). In addition, he is responsible for the hiring and supervision of all cemetery support personnel excluding the Office Manager. He is to report directly to the Board in a timely manner, any and all situations affecting the cemetery operations.

Performance Responsibilities:

  • Directs the preparation for opening and closing graves.
  • Coordinates with funeral homes the scheduling of burials. . Directs the proper marking out of grave sites.
  • Assures the integrity of existing grave sites
  • Maintains up-to-date records of all cemetery lots and their status
  • Issues permits to set grave markers
  • Will demonstrate a working knowledge of all aspects of groundskeeping, lawncare, planting, maintaining, watering, fertilizing of lawns, trees, plants and shrubs
  • Will maintain cemetery building, streets, drives and perimeter fencing
  • Direct the normal installation, maintenance and repair of water delivery systems
  • Will repair or direct the routine maintenance and repair ( including use of welding equipment ) of vehicles, tractors, mowers, trimmers and other equipment used by the district. A record of each activity will be recorded
  • Will operate and/or direct the operation of the backhoe and other earth moving equipment
  • Hire, supervise, train and develop all cemetery personnel excluding the Office Manager and make recommendations of salaries and benefits for district employees he or she supervises
  • Communicate clearly to the Board of Trustees on an ongoing basis, all situations affecting cemetery operations.
  • Communicates with the public on cemetery matters
  • Shall have and maintain a commercial applicator’s license in the State of Wyoming for weed control. . Shall have and maintain a Class B Wyoming CDL Drivers License.
  • Will assist the Office Manager in developing yearly budget
  • Will maintain an accurate inventory of all cemetery properties to be reported to the Board of Trustees annually at the December monthly meeting
  • Will train new employees regarding OSHA regulations and procedures and conduct training interviews. Such activity will be recorded and reported to the Board Of Trustees annually at the December monthly meeting
  • Perform other duties related to the position of Sexton as assigned by the Board of Trustees
  • Will attend all regular monthly Board meetings and provide appropriate reports and information related to the operations of the cemetery district.

Benefits and Conditions:

Wyoming State Retirement System – 11.25% per month
Wyoming State Workers’ Compensation
Health Insurance participation by Riverside Cemetery District:


6 days 1st yr. (accumulated @ 4 hrs. per month)
Yrs. 2 thru 5 – 10 days
Yrs. 6 thru 10 – 15 days
After 10 yrs. – 18 days

Paid Holidays:

New Years Day – Jan 1st
President’s Day – 3rd Mon. Feb.
Memorial Day – Last Mon. May
Independence Day – July 4th
Labor Day – 1st Mon. Sept.
Columbus Day – 2nd Mon. Oct.
Veteran’s Day – Nov. 11th
Thanksgiving – 4th Thurs. Nov.
Day After Thanksgiving – 4th Fri. Nov.
Christmas Eve – Dec. 24th
Christmas Day – Dec. 25th

Sick Leave: 1 day sick leave per month for a maximum accumulation of 60 days

Personal: 2 personal days per year, not to be accumulated

Pay: Salaried


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