121 -Care of Grounds


Policy 121

Riverside Cemetery grounds are to be considered as a perpetual care cemetery, and such shall be the responsibility of the Board of Trustees of said Riverside Cemetery District. Monuments, markers, plaques or any other type of grave markings or decorations are excluded from perpetual care.

In preparation for spring clean-up, decorations must be removed by April first of each year.

For Memorial Day, flowers, wreaths and any other decorations may be taken to the Cemetery three days before the celebrated Memorial Day and may be left seven days after the celebrated Memorial Day.

If not removed by the specified times, Riverside Cemetery reserves the right to remove and dispose of the same.

Glass containers are not allowed anywhere in the cemetery at any time and all wreath anchors and other anchors must be removed.

Adopted: 11/14/2006


Tuesday, 09 November 2004 Posted in Operations