119 - Monuments and Markers


Policy 119

Permit to Set Monuments: Before attempting to set permanent type grave markers of any kind, a permit must first be secured from the District Office or such other person as the Board of Trustees may direct to issue such permits.

Said permit shall show the name of the company or person selling such marker, name and address of purchaser, name and address of such person or firm setting the marker, the section, block and lot numbers, and the name appearing upon said marker. On the back of such permit to set markers shall be an agreement between the selling agent or person setting said marker, stating that the party to whom said marker is issued will see to the proper setting, or realignment of any marker set by them which has settled, toppled, or the setting is at fault in any way and to replace or repair the same within two (2) years after said setting, upon written request by the Cemetery Board.

Permits are to be made in duplicate, the original of which shall be kept by the Cemetery official, and shall be signed by the individual or firm. This original permit will be kept on permanent file in the Cemetery Office.

Monument companies or any person setting monuments, etc. shall find out from the Sexton the line on which to set monuments, markers, etc. After the setting of such monument it shall be inspected by the Sexton or such other person so designated by the Board of Trustees. Failure to comply shall be grounds for the Board of Trustees to refuse permission for the setting of markers.

Regarding military markers, as a service to military families, the staff at Riverside Cemetery shall pour all bases for military markers. A written request for a base shall be sent to the Board of Trustees requesting the base to be poured. There shall be no fee for the service from the family.

Beyond these limits, the Board of Trustees or any of its employees shall not be liable for any labor, materials, or workmanship. All monuments and markers of any kind shall be considered the property of the purchaser and his responsibility for proper upkeep.

No peace lights, eternal flames, etc. shall be allowed without PRIOR Board permission. Description of the proposed plan must be submitted to the Board for approval.  No shepherd hooks are allowed in the cemetery other than the Memorial Day week, or in the winter months from October 1 through April 1.

Monument companies and/or others installing monuments and markers on Cemetery grounds are required to clean up all debris from such setting, leaving the site in a neat, clean and orderly condition.

Setting Time Limit: Monuments or markers must be set within thirty (30) days from date of delivery to Riverside Cemetery. This rule will not apply to  monument companies because monument companies shall be required to set the marker or monument at the time of delivery to the Cemetery.

Size and Type and Setting Requirements: All markers or monuments shall be of a permanent type material, excluding wood and wood products. The following height restriction for headstones and monuments shall apply to the sections of the cemetery:

  1. No height restrictions in Sections 4, 5, 6, 12 and 13.
  2. Maximum height of 24" in Sections 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20.
  3. Maximum height of 16" in Sections 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
  4. Flush to the ground in Section 14 in Riverside Cemetery and Sec. 22 in Riverside-Graham Cemetery.
  5. Markers placed under benches or trees must be flush to the
    ground, and must not exceed 12” x16”, and must be approved by the Sexton prior to installation.
  6. Maximum height of 24” in all Sections in Riverside-Graham Cemetery except cremation lots in Section 22 and Columbarium area.
  7. Maximum height of 12” in baby sections in both cemeteries.

All monuments, markers, plaques or other type of permanent grave marking (except lodge or organization emblem stakes) shall be set in concrete of not less than a 4 to 1 mixture, with a minimum of 4 inches of thickness for the base and a concrete border of 6 inches. All such markings shall be set at the west end of the grave with the edge of the concrete border being on the grave line, with the marker being set so that the edge is 6 inches from the grave line. Headstones shall be set facing west. All bases in Sections 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 shall have above ground vases or recessed vases or have holes for decorations. Bases in Section 14 shall have recessed vases or have holes for decorations. ALL new bases placed must have built-in planters or attached urns or vases.

Grave Border: There shall not be any type of grave or lot border of any kind, either temporary or permanent. The Board of Trustees of Riverside Cemetery District shall have authority at their discretion to remove any existing temporary or permanent type of border.

Removal of Stones and Markers: Temporary removal of stones and markers, and permanent or temporary removal of curbs by the Sexton as required for proper operation of the Cemetery shall be permitted, provided the Sexton shall first obtain approval of the Board of Trustees, or the President of the Board, in an emergency.

Adopted: 11/14/2006
Revised: 2/9/2016


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