08 - Elections and Membership

Cemetery Board Elections & Membership

Policy 08

Election of members of the Board of Trustees shall be held in the manner provided by state statutes as they are detailed and prescribed by the Special Districts Election Act, the Constitution of the State of Wyoming and Special Cemetery District Statutes.

The Board shall consist of 6 members elected by the qualified voters of the cemetery district.

The board members shall be elected from the trustee resident areas as follows:

Six (6) members at large.

A regular term is four years. The terms will be staggered. Following the election, newly elected members will take the Oath of Office as per Policy 10 and assume office at the close of the Discussion/Action Items on the Agenda during the regular meeting of the board in December.

The annual election of board members is held at the general election on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even numbered years. Board members are elected on a non-partisan ballot in accordance with provisions of the Wyoming Special Districts Election Act.

A qualified person may file for office by filing an application for election with the Riverside Cemetery District’s Office Manger in the manner provided by law.

Legal Reference:WS-35-8-304 to 305 and WS-22-29-112 to 113

Adopted: 11/9/2004

Amended:  10/12/2010


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