06 - Board Member Authority & Responsibilities

Board Member Authority & Responsibilities

Policy 06

Because all powers of the Board of Trustees lie in its action as a group, individual board members exercise their authority over district affairs only as they vote to take action at a legal meeting of the Board.

In other instances, an individual board member, including the Chairman, shall have power only when the Board, by vote, has delegated authority to him or her.

Although a board member as an individual may listen to problems of residents concerning cemetery matters, the member shall not offer counsel in the name of the Board or make commitments involving the Board. No individual member of the board is at liberty to direct the actions of any staff member.

Each individual board member has the responsibility to represent, open-mindedly, the entire cemetery district. The board member's consideration for the entire cemetery district should take precedence over every form of cemetery area partisanship and special interest.

Adopted: 11/9/2004


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