03 - Operational Goals

Board Operational Goals

Policy 03

A Board of Trustees must be aware of its unique position in the community. The statements of this Board’s objectives below express the position quite clearly:

  1. The Board shall make every effort to be a representative body.
  2. The Board shall endeavor to adopt and to follow written policy for guidance in decision making.
  3. The Board shall involve the community, when feasible, in policy development.
  4. The Board shall endeavor to provide the community with information about cemetery affairs
  5. The Board shall follow ethical principles and shall refrain from acts of apetty or questionable nature.
  6. The Board shall develop and shall promote policies and procedures which tend to encourage unity within the cemetery district.
  7. The Board shall base its actions on facts surrounding the issues involved.

Adopted: 11/9/2004


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